Devil Worship

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Devil Worship

All is abhorrent from the wrong perspective.

A fresh, dynamic, vibrant departure from their debut collection. This book is deeply personal and entirely universal - the product? Devil Worship. Whether discussing summer mornings, torturous anxieties, self love or self ambivalence.

"Stevie Nicks meets Sylvia Plath meets Amanda Lovelace meets Nina Simone meets Lorde meets Joan of Arc. But also just Liv McCaughey, because her own voice is strong enough, powerful enough and talented enough to carry the weight of these incredible themes and ideas." LVDI - was a quote from a review of The Southside of Doubt, her debut collection.

In her second collection Liv's voice and style is refined and clearer than ever. Working through topics like true crime, internalised misogyny, the female experience and liberation from fear.

Liv explores her world and her experience. Through inter-lapping mythologies and thematic influences of the Satanic Panic and cliche horror hollywood, we are taken on a journey of altering perspectives and nuance.

This book has something unexpected for everyone. Available now.